The bean household loves art. It’s like a party on our walls. My personal favorite artist and one we feature is my Mexican Mama, Lu’s mom. She is a very talented artist and I absolutely love her work and love bragging about how wonderful she is.  I wish I had a fancy camera to take pictures of her paintings and post it for you all… but I don’t so I’m going to use my low qual iphone camera! Needless to say, these paintings look do beautiful in a photo but even more gorgeous in person.

one of my faves
this one is stunning

Is it me or do these pics seem particularly more grainy than usual? Lu has given me two paintings for past birthdays from a local artist. I love them.

abstract chicago skyline

bean hanging the painting when we moved… what a stud

Believe it or not, there is also some work of yours truly and no I’m not talking about our experience at Bottle & Bottega. I made this old masterpiece in my stain glass class in high school. I kept it in storage all of these years. When Lu and I moved in together he requested that we put it out on display (because he knows how to earn some husband points and make his wifey feel good about herself).  And by “on display” I mean hidden in the depths our bedroom on a dresser where nobody will see it. 

a vase & a floating head

We have a number of other paintings not pictured here. I hope to continue collecting unique art over the years. I’ll keep tapping into my artistic side which is definitely the smallest side of my brain. Lu’s papa is also very artistic. I feel like Lu’s creativity could be passed onto our child one day and maybe we will have ourselves a gifted artist baby! That would be fun. 

In other news, last night I made too much quinoa.  And Lu peeled an orange in one fell swoop. Exciting Sunday night.

Hope you guys make this Monday a good one!! I’ve said this before & I’m saying it again… we are one step closer to spring and long summer days! xo, lw


2 thoughts on “artistic

  1. I would like to see you post more of the art you & Lu have in your home. You two have an amazing collection. Really! Susana is so talented ~ I love her work.

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