the commercial that upset me & some lighter topics

A few months ago I heard a commercial that upset me so much I considered contacting the company. It really got a rise out of me… in such a bad way. It was on the radio so obviously I was in my car. By the time I got home, I had simmered down enough and decided it wasn’t worth my time to reach out. I just won’t support the business anymore (not that I ever really did). 

Today I heard something on TV that reminded me of that commercial. It took me right back to that place of being upset and offended by the stupid ad I heard a few months ago.

The commercial was for Dunkin Donuts. They were focusing on selling their (awful) coffee in this particular ad. It was a girl talking and she said something along the lines of “When I need to stay up all night and cram for a college exam I drink Dunkin Donuts coffee. It gets me through a night of cramming  just so I can forget everything right after the exam.”

Does this BOTHER you?

WHY do we have to be portrayed the country that doesn’t care about learning? WHAT kind of message is this stupid ad sending to kiddos that hear it? Education should be deeply valued because what we are and what we do as a country all begins with education. I hate this ad so much. Hey America, let’s encourage people to take school seriously.


Now for a lighter topic. Last week I had a strong urge to buy a rug for our kitchen. We have wood floors through out our living space and a nice area rug can really soften the place up. I was excited about it for a hot minute. And then I started to question rugs in the kitchen. Will it get too crummy? Will I spill a gallon of milk on it? Do you guys have rugs in the kitchen? I think this rug is pretty cute (and it was on sale for $60) so if we don’t end up keeping it in the kitchen I hope to find a nice place for it.

Now to the snow storm. It hit us. But not with full force! Downtown Chicago ended up with a snow total of several inches but not the 8-12 predicted (thank you mom nature). When I emerged from work last night the snow had basically stopped and I was left to walk home splashing through slush in my Hunter boots, which I’ll admit was kind of fun. 

This was waiting for me when I got home. Hello friend.

And that’s all I’ve got for now! Have a great hump day and don’t forget to make it a good & happy one. xo,lw


4 thoughts on “the commercial that upset me & some lighter topics

  1. I have not seen that commercial but it would definitely bother me too. I'm a teacher and I cannot stand the way our society now views the value of education.

    I'm glad others share this view as well!

  2. Well I agree with your observation that the commercial doesn't reflect the proper attitude toward learning. However, I do like their coffee. I bought some at the grocery store, because of course I wouldn't be caught dead in a donut shop.

    And I really like your kitchen rug!

  3. Wouldn't be caught dead in a donut shop? You crack me up! There's a place on Randolph Do-Rite Donuts that is suppose to be delicious. Let's go in April!

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