I may look back at this post one day and laugh.

This morning I woke up feeling especially happy and grateful. Maybe it’s because I have today off work. [Days off are always happy days.] Or maybe it’s because I had happy hour with my girl Meghan last night.  Perhaps it’s because I broke down on the sugar fast (yes, again. I’m the worst.) and had some starburst jelly beans. Probably it’s because I’m just happy… and most of that happiness comes from my main man.

Many people say marriage is work. Marriage is so far from work. It is literally the opposite of work. If you’re married to the right person, marriage is the easiest thing in the world. You’re right, I’m not the authority on marriage. Lu and I have only been married 15 months. But it has truly been the easiest thing I have ever done. Lu and I both have very calm personalities and tend to be easy going, so-to-speak. Put us together? We have almost zero issues. We’ve never had a real fight. That’s right, ever. People have told me it’s a bad sign if you and your significant other never fight because “everybody fights.” I say, why? Lu literally feels like my other half incarnated. So why would I fight with myself? This is going to sound cheesy but I miss my hub when I go to work or when he’s in class. I prefer spending every minute with him.


Here is an example of the kinds of fights we have: 

Laura: I’m thinking about breaking my sugar fast and eating the licorace.
Lu: No, you shouldn’t do it.
(Laura pouts. Then she eats the licorice.) 
Lu: I knew you wouldn’t last. 
Laura: That’s so mean.
(Let’s go ahead and call my sugar fast what it is… a sugar cut-back.)

Maybe someday we will make up for lost time and have a blow-out fight of all fights (and I will look back at this post and laugh). We’d get over it. But until that day, I’m going to enjoy this amazing bond we have and relish in the peaceful days. 


2 thoughts on “I may look back at this post one day and laugh.

  1. Ben and I enjoy spending all of our time together too… I don't like groups but I love being with him whenever possible. HOWEVER, he does irk me on occasion but with him I'm able to get over it within seconds (some days minutes.. if I haven't worked out yet that day or I haven't eaten in a while;))

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