I’m using an ap for that

If you’re around the bean household at mealtime, you would probably hear me say: “I’m trying to increase my protein intake.” I’m always on a quest to get more protein. The other day Lu responds to my usual comment with, “Then eat more protein. What do you mean you’re trying to eat more protein? Just do it.” 

Good point, sir. He’s so wise.

Well, I don’t love meat. I do love seafood. But chicken, beef, pork… I can usually take it or leave it so eating protein with every meal is somewhat of a task for me.  Another problem with my protein intake was actually knowing how much I am eating vs. how much I should be eating. Excuses, excuses.

Turns out, there’s an ap for that. I’m talking about an ap for tracking intake and breaking it down into macronutrients. Today was my first day using it… My Fitness Pal.

In order to get an accurate picture of your daily intake, everything that goes into your mouth has to go into this ap. That gets quite tedious. Especially for those who graze all day long (aka me). But My Fitness Pal does its best to make it easy to input your eats. You can scan the barcode of food packages and it will search their database for a match. Every single thing I scanned was in there. Score. I’m hoping to stick with this for a couple of weeks so that I can see where I stand in my battle with protein.

Ways I am increasing my protein intake:
-Egg whites in the morning (but not every morning… because it has been difficult to part ways with my beloved oats)
-Morningstar sausage with my eggs
-Protein shakes
-Chicken, pork or fish at every lunch & dinner (even if all I want is cereal or pb toast)

Yesterday I made fruit and spinach smoothies with protein powder. I always give Lu the big glass and take the little glass for myself because I’m a girl and I have accepted that I don’t need to eat as much as my hub. However, yesterday Lu crushed my soul and told me that he thinks these glasses hold roughly the same volume. I always assumed that the shorter glass holds way less… optical illusion. I’ll definitely need to measure that and put it to rest. 

Any tips on increasing protein? What are your fave high-protein meals/snacks? Help me.


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