St Patty’s Day is a big deal in Chicago and you best believe that the Chi-rish were out in full force yesterday. The streets wreaked of beer as I walked home from work last night. And there were plenty of people stumbling around trying to figure out which way is up (smh). Every year the city dyes the river green. I don’t know what this means for the environment but people just eat it up. You have to admit it does look pretty cool.

the green chicago river. photo source.

I pulled out all the stops at work and wore my favorite green compression socks. There is a lot of hype about Pro Compression on running blogs these days. I have a purple pair. But CEP Compression will always have my heart. I like their product more than Pro Compression. It’s something about the fit. I don’t know. Just give them a try… You won’t regret it. 

rockin the green socks & lookin nerdy
oh, shamrock shake. i’ve never had one.
this made me laugh.

 Last night after work I stopped at Dominick’s for a pre-made grilled chicken breast. I stood at the counter for what felt like ten minutes. Two workers came by, said “I’ll be with you in a minute,” and never came back. I was slightly irritable {by irritable I mean hangry} after my long day at work. Since nobody was helping me I walked right out the door and into my favorite grocery store, Mariano’s, where the chicken breasts are way better plus 50 cents cheaper. I was served immediately and they guy behind the counter was so friendly. Why didn’t I go to Mariano’s in the first place? It’s slightly out of the way and I thought I’d save time running in Dominick’s. Not. Won’t be making that mistake again. Why am I telling you this story? I had to vent to somebody and Lu isn’t home. PS- my chicken was really good. I actually got an extra one to take for lunch today.

One more day of work for me and then I’m off until Thursday. I’m hoping to spend some serious quality time with my hub over the next several days because on Friday he is off to… Nepal!! Yep, he’s taking a holiday in the Himalayans and leaving his little bean behind. I’m just a little tiny bit jealous. You may remember that last year he went to Vietnam on his spring break. Big bean is a jet-setter! Hopefully I’ll be able to join him someday. =)

Happy Sunday, Happy St Patty’s to everybody!! Make it a good one. xo, lw


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