my hairs are gettin long

I realized this morning I haven’t had my hairs cut since the first weekend in December. It’s getting lengthy! I kind of secretly love to see how long I can go in between cuts because it’s always so expensive to go to the salon. I do my best to take care of my hair and only wash it every three/four two days. I’m a loyal Moroccan Oil product user. Love that stuff.

long pony

Did you hear Lululemon is recalling some yoga pants for being too see through?? I think I’ve noticed this on girls in my Shred415 classes! It’s usually when they are bent over the fabric looks super thin and you can see a glimpse of flesh through it. I always wondered if that was happening to me.. hmm.. I know Lulu will make things right and I still love their stuff. I have, however, been drooling over Splits59 and maybe this is the perfect time to give their yoga pants a try. $98 a pair. Stuff ain’t cheap.

Now I’m refueling after a 7 mi run with half mile sprints. Hello Muscle Milk protein mixed in skim milk. It’s pretty good but super sweet…. maybe even a little too sweet… I can handle all the chocolate I’m allowed to eat but I say Muscle Milk is too sweet. Who am I? Yes, that’s our foam roller I’m not using in the background.

Make today a good one! xo, lw


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