oh monday

Mondays aren’t bad when one doesn’t have to work. Sorry to rub it in.

My day was l-a-z-y and lazy days suck the energy out of me. I spent all much of the day lounging on the couch. I didn’t even make the bed (don’t judge). For hours I was trying to get in my run. I knew I would eventually do it but I just kept pushing it later and later into the day.  Finally, at 5pm I went down to the gym. I cannot wait for the days I can run outside again but we had flurries in Chicago today. No thanks. Today’s workout was my variation of a tempo run: 6 miles with 8:20 min/mile pace. It felt good, challenging but totally do-able. Tomorrow I’m planing some speed work and possibly a Shred415 workout.

Now I’m watching DWTS (I use abbrevs bc I’m cool). We’re recording the Biggest Loser finale so Lu and I can watch it together when he gets home later tonight… it’s a late class night for Mr Bean. To make my evening alone more pleasant? Sushi. And Perrier.

salmon makes me melt

Last month I professed my new found love for Bolthouse Farms fruit and protein smoothies. They’re similar to Naked juice but taste better and cost less. Today I tried another flavor, Acai Superblend. It’s remarkably light and refreshing not like the typical fruit smoothies. Think Naked watered way down. It was really good! 

If you can read those ingredients you’d find a berry called “yumberry” in this drink. Also bilberry, noni berry, mangosteen and seabuckthorn. Is this stuff even real? Speaking of real foods…. check out this article from Women’s Health. What do you think about GMOs? What about organic food? I’d buy organic if I had an endless cash flow. These days I’m Costco all the way. Give me the cheap variety. 

Look at Lu’s bedhead this morning. Oh, husband.

Adios for now. xo, lw


2 thoughts on “oh monday

  1. It's been far too long since I've had sushi (and by long I mean like 2 weeks).. I need to work on that.

    Are you saying you're ready for a Chicago lake run when I'm back in the area because I LOVE running there.

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