just a little local gym

This morning I hit the gym early with my poppa. By early I mean 9 am. Most of you probably know my gym of choice is usually Shred415, which is the only gym I actually have a membership to. I’ll also hit up our apartment gym when I’m in a pinch. And of course I run outside on the lakefront when the weather cooperates. Today I went to my dad’s gym as his guest. It’s just your run-of-the-mill small local gym…. not. This is the gym of all gyms. East Bank Club downtown Chicago. I can’t even get over how large this place is. It is 450,000 square feet to give you an idea. To put it in East Bank’s own words from their website:

“The Club’s facilities include a quarter-mile indoor running track; eight indoor tennis courts; three racquetball courts; a squash court; a 20,000 square-foot cardiovascular room; a free weight room; five aerobics studios; a Pilates and GYROTONIC® studio; physical therapy; a 60-bike spinning studio; four swimming pools (two indoor, two outdoor); two regulation-size basketball courts; an indoor golf driving range; a pro shop; a dry cleaner; a full-service salon and spa; a daycare center; a car wash; a casual grill; a gourmet deli; an elegant restaurant; catering facilities; a juice bar; a 60,000 square-foot sun deck and much more.”

That’s a mouthful. When we walked into the cardio studio, I was overwhelmed and didn’t even know which machine to do. Oh wait… all I ever do is run. I did 7.05 miles in 60 minutes (8:30min/mile). Per usual, I planned to go longer on the treadmill but I got bored… story of my life.

cardio studio

My dad is into rowing so I joined him on the rowing machine for 3000 meters. My core and back are already sore. That thing ain’t no joke. After rowing, we went over and did our fair share of stretching. My pops is also really into stretching his calves with a little rocking device. Has anyone used this? It gives such an intense, deep calf stretch. It was amazing. I wish I had one at home (he does).

calf stretches

After my workout, I had to check out the smoothie bar. I got a mixed berry smoothie with soy milk and whey protein. It was amaaazing. I slurped that thing up so fast. I could have easily eaten every calorie I had just burned at that smoothie bar. They had a chocolate-peanut butter milkshake. Omg. I need more milkshakes in my life. 


This afternoon I’m going to wash my hair for the first time since Tuesday. Did I just say that out loud? Don’t judge… I have trained my hair to go many days without shampoo. Normally I would have washed it yesterday but Lu wasn’t home so what’s the point? ; ) [I’d like to add that, yes, I am showering on the daily. Thankyouverymuch. Just not shampooing the hairs.] Feeling a little sleepy right now. Thinking I may just doze off for a little bit…. hope you guys have a great weekend! xo,lw


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