this place be lonely.

What a crazy Friday night for this girl. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on DVR. A pre-made mustard chicken breast from the grocery store. Sweet potato. Here’s where it gets really wild: a (large) glass of Chardonnay. 

Somebody make me slow down. 27 years old & livin the dream. 

This is what my nights will look like from here until April. I had to say adios to my hub today and yes, I still cry when we say our goodbyes. Should I grow up? Lu is currently on a plane to Delhi, India (aka a 16-ish hour flight. omg.) where he will make a pit-stop before venturing over to the exotic Nepal. When I think of Nepal I think of, “All I have are these d!%$ Nepalese coins.” Yep, from this movie. Anyway, he returns stateside on April Fool’s Day. That’s a pretty darn long time to be without your better half, if you ask me. But I know he will have nothing short of an amazing experience. He’s on spring break and traveling with some of his classmates in the MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

Can we all please take a moment of silence to recognize the fact that I don’t get a spring break. Life is hard.

One of the perks of living in a highrise condo is that we have doormen and locked entry. You best believe this place is on lock down so I feel very safe when Lu is not around. Plus, I’m going to go stay with my momma for a while to ward off the loneliness. : )

Things I want Lu to bring me from Nepal:
1) Spices
2) Coffee/Tea
3) Nepalese coins

Things I don’t want Lu to bring me from Nepal:
1) bed bugs
2) Dengue fever
3) Malaria

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  
Fiji, Maldives, Japan, Spain, Africa
I think Asian culture is fascinating.  

I also think it would be amazing to live in Europe specifically the Italian or French countryside. Heavenly. Lu and I talk about doing this and then reality hits and we realize it’s not feasible. But hey, a girl can dream. Goodnight & xo,lw


6 thoughts on “this place be lonely.

  1. I get so sad when matt leaves too:( glad your mom lives close! I am dying to go to Thailand. Greece, Italy, and new zealand are up there too.

  2. We should take a couples trip to any of those places! How fun would that be? It is so nice my momma lives nearby… and my pops too. I'm gonna spend some time with him as well!

    Madeline is a doll. I'm dying to meet her.

  3. So sad that the hubs is gone! I cry too when my husband leaves too… sob fest over here.
    Oddly, my night seemed a little too much like yours. RHBH and a glass of wine. My new favorite chardonnay is “Smoking Loon” Super tasty and relatively cheap :-)
    If I could move anywhere, it would be Germany. LOVE it

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