training log

One of the things I enjoy doing is keeping track of my runs, mileage, mile pace & how I felt on the run. Also, I am very high tech so it makes sense that I would track my runs in a good old spiral notebook. I use colored pens because I’m still not over the gel pen craze from junior high.

I often use map my run to get an average mile pace but then I write out my run separately in my spiral notebook. I’m looking forward to using my Garmin once I’m able to run outside again. I also keep track of days I do a Shred415 workout or weighs/cross training. It’s nice to have a record so I can visualize my progress. It’s all laid out line-by-line in front of me. Way easier than navigating something on a phone ap or the internet in my opinion.

my old school running log

What I would like to do is decorate the front of the notebook with inspirational quotes and pictures. I should start saving some magazine clippings. I’m artsy. I have a dream that one day my notebook will be filled from front to back. One run per line… So that would be like a billion runs. I actually just switched to this notebook from a smaller one. I started my first log in 2010. 

my first running log

Aw, that lil book is cute! Maybe I should switch back to that little guy. I actually only had a handful of pages filled up. Now I’m not sure which notebook to use. I liked how my first one was easily portable. Decisions, decisions. Do you guys keep track of your workouts? Anybody old school like me and hand write them out? Happy Sunday! Make today a good day! Your girl’s headed to work soon. xo, lw


8 thoughts on “training log

  1. I swear… every time I read your blog I find something in common.
    1. I have that same notebook and used it to log my workouts
    2. I still log my training in a notebook
    3. I have a binder that I decorated w/magazine clippings from college.

    I've been meaning to write a post about it. I'll share in the near future. :-)

  2. I log all of my workouts in a notebook. I started logging them last year and I find it good to be able to look back on progress and also remember past workouts to get an idea of ones I could repeat and track things like the weight I used for specific exercises as well.

  3. I don't log my workouts other than what Garmin does for me…nice that it's been recording the weather lately!! But I always think about how I should record how I feel, what I eat (before/during), etc. I think Garmin might have a notes section that I can use – I actually like the idea of having it all online.

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