the yoga pants I’ve had for a decade

When I was 17 or 18 I got my very first pair of black yoga pants. Actually they were capris. And by were I mean are because I still have them and wear them multiple times a week. They’re nothing fancy and nothing close to expensive. I got them from Target… Champion brand to be exact. They’re a little bit worn but there are no holes and they look remarkably good. I think this may be the longest I have ever owned a single item of clothing. They have outlasted my lululemon pants, my nike pants, and all other pants I have owned. I love them and I will be so sad when their last day comes! By the way, I am definitely a larger person than I was in high school but since these are *yoga* pants the stretchy fabric has done me well.

Do you guys workout in shorts or pants? I’m a pants girl. Unless it’s crazy hot outside.  Today I did a five mile run that kind of kicked me in the booty. I think my body was in shock that I actually had to do something active after a day of nothing yesterday. To be honest, I secretly love bad runs. You know, those runs that are markedly slower than your regular pace and surprisingly difficult. I tell myself that those exact runs are the ones that make us stronger runners. Bad runs not only give us mental strength (because we fight through them) but also physical strength (because, for whatever reason, they’re physically hard!). Anybody with me on this?

Last night my mom and I had a relaxing girls night in front of the TV. The little one, Molly, hung with us all evening. She’s the sweetest.

Lu is safely in Nepal and having an amazing experience! He’s staying in touch by email… Thank goodness for the internet. He was greeted with real mums when he deplaned in Kathmandu. What a cutie.

Now for a few random thoughts…

Has anyone ever fallen off of a treadmill? I did one time in college. I stepped onto a treadmill that was open but it was ON!! It was going pretty fast and I couldn’t tell. I put my foot on it and flew off the back. It was mortifying. WHO would leave a treadmill running?? So mean.

Anybody watching Dancing with the Stars? You know who stole the show last night? Kellie Pickler’s body. Holy smokes. I want her workout/eating plan. She’s also an amazing dancer. Kellie for the win!

The close door button on elevators is fake. I am convinced of this. Both of my parents and Lu & I live in high rise condo buildings so we ride elevators a lot. I hit the close door button often and it never does anything. In fact, it feels like it takes the doors longer to close. That’s lame.

Tonight is a sushi night. Amen to that.

Have a great day guys! Make it good. xo, lw


6 thoughts on “the yoga pants I’ve had for a decade

  1. I'm currently wearing the workout pants I bought back in high school that I'm still obsessed with.

    I'm a shorts girl for working out though. Pants are WAY too constricting.

    I totally get you on the bad runs… they do help us both mentally and physically!

    I fear falling off the treadmill, for real.

    The elevator button IS fake… ours doesn't work either.

    Sushi? Can I come?

  2. SAWEET target pants! I'm pretty sure I had a pair of those, but I'm sure you could see my booty so they had to go. I still have clothes from HS too.
    Umm… another twinner moment. My dogs name is Molly. (I know you have a cat, but it's kinda the same :-)

  3. I have some workout leggings I've had for years too and workout tops too that have been really cheap stuff but have lasted longer than more expensive brands.

    Bad runs can really put me off. It depends what happens on them but it can either make me want to not do another run for a while or work harder.

    Molly is too cute!

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