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Remember when the website crashed once registration for the 2013 Chicago marathon opened last month? I was a bit dramatic about it. Last night I was perusing Runner’s World after work and read that it happened again with the Marine Corps Marathon registration yesterday… Website freezing, error messages and it all culminated in a sold-out race in under two hours & thirty minutes. To the people who had issues registering – I feel your pain! Especially those of you who had this date marked on your calendar for months. What a let down.

I have a couple of new blogger friends (Tri Balance Girl & OlivetoRun) and an amazing second cousin once removed (…er something like that) who were trying to register yesterday for the MCM. I’m anxious to hear if you girls got spots. Hoping you all did.

What’s the deal people? Why are marathons now selling out & crashing websites? Because marathons are awesome. It‘s not shocking that they’re gaining popularity. Let’s take a look at a few stats:

Marathon stats:

Percentage of the US population that has run a marathon: 0.5% (current 9/12) [source]

Total # of people who finished a marathon in the US in…

1980:  143,000 
2009: 493,407
2010: 534,911 
2011: 554,143 
2012: 528,141
[source]; [source]
… wait a minute. There were fewer marathoners in 2012 than in both 2010 & 2011. What’s the excuse for website crashing now? Somebody stealing your bandwidth? Given the fact that there are billions of people on this earth and probably millions of people using the internet at any given time, I kind of expect that a website can handle traffic of 40,000. Is that unreasonable? When I was registering for Chicago last month I had a flashback to the days of dial-up. Or my mom shouting to me “you need to get off the internet because I have to use the phone!”. I guess we have come a long way…

Average number of miles/week during marathon training: 40 [source]

Average number of sneakers a runner goes through during training: 2 [source]

Average number of calories a woman burns running a marathon: 2880 [source]

The world record marathon time: 2 hours, three minutes, 38 seconds …um, just to put that in perspective, my half marathon time was 2 hours, 3 minutes, 21 seconds.

The world record has been broken four times at the Chicago marathon. It’s a flat and very fast course so I’d recommend it to anybody trying to PR. Who are we kidding. Aren’t we all trying to PR every time we run a race or is that just me?

this guy is on the prowl for a PR. i like it.
i think this is funny

Last night I had THE BEST seared and baked chilean sea bass EVER courtesy of my momma. I couldn’t handle how good it was. Perfectly cooked. One of my pet-peeves is overcooked fish. The more raw the better, please. Anyway, my mom has taken me under her wing for the past couple of days so I’m not lonely while the hubs is away. It has been a lot of fun.


Today we’re getting no-chip manicures. I’m going to run and possibly hit up Shred415 this afternoon. My mom tells me that she doesn’t really like fro-yo. I’m thinking today might be a good day to make her try Yogurtland. Hope you all have a good day today! xo, lw


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