a strange running side effect

This morning I went back to the ginormous East Bank Club with my poppa. First of all, the people watching in such a large space is amazing. It kept me entertained for a whole ten miles on the treadmill. It’s better than TV.

About eight miles in, something really strange started happening. Several fingers on my left hand began to tingle and eventually went almost numb. This had never happened to me before. I started thinking, do I feel right? Am I dizzy? No, I wasn’t dizzy. Even though I consider myself healthy and young, I know that I’m not above an injury or an illness… so I had to assess the situation and check myself. I was running at a faster pace than I typically would run for a ten-miler in the past (gotta get that sub-4, yo). I slowed down a few points and continued on my run. The tingling lingered and I ignored it. Then eventually it was gone. Has this happened to any of you before?

I did 10 miles in 1 hr 26 minutes, which translates to an 8:35 min/mile pace. I had to restart the treadmill after 60 minutes. I hate how most treadmills seem to be programed to turn off after 60 minutes. Um, you’re interrupting my workout.

When I got home I googled “fingers tingling during running.” The first hit? This article from livestrong.com actually titled “Tingling Fingers during Running,”… Check out an excerpt:

However, a more-common cause is lack of blood in your upper body, as your leg muscles monopolize your circulatory system during a long run. Running causes a number of vascular changes that could result in tingling or numbness in your fingers. While running, blood is directed to the lower body to facilitate movement of the large muscles in the leg. Over long distances, the body adjusts to a state in which blood concentrates in the lower regions. Less blood flow remains for the upper extremities, such as the hands and fingers, which can lead to tingling or numbness in these regions.” [source, livestrong.com]

Well, those darn greedy legs. Taking all the blood. Just as long as I’m getting enough flow to my brain, I’m good. As you peeps know, I am a nurse and was a physiology major in college so stuff like this interests me. I think the changes that occur in the body during exercise and with long term training is really cool. I’m a nerd.

There are some treadmills at East Bank that go up to 30% incline. Whaat?? That’s insane. I’ve never heard of a treadmill going up that high; I had only seen 15% until today. It also went to a negative 3% grade. Crazy stuff.


I had the most delicious grapefruit this afternoon. Grapefruit is probably my favorite fruit. I said probably because I know I could never actually choose one fruit as my favorite. Grapefruit is up there though.


My mom gave me something for Easter. Naughty girl. I’ve only had one.

photo-3 copy

And here’s a picture of Molly just because she is so cute. I wish you guys could meet her because she has the best cat-personality ever. She’s a diva. She loves cuddling and massaging your face with her paws. She’s also a nervous wreck all the time. Oh, Molls. She cracks me up.


I’m off to go bowling and eat a little pizza. Fun Saturday evening with the crew. Have a good one guys!

xo, lw


7 thoughts on “a strange running side effect

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten tingly fingers on a run…guess my body isn’t so good at being efficient, ha. I’ve used a treadmill that went up to 45% incline and -5%. It was a speed and conditioning program that I did in high school and college. It was killer. They would basically put it up to 45% and set it on something ridiculous, like 12mph and then you just kind of hop on…and they stuck their hand right at your lower back/butt to hold you up, ha. I can say I puked more in that program than probably in the rest of my life combined.

    • Oh my sweet goodness!! 45% is insane, girl!! That’s funny they had to help hold you up. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. Props to you for doing it… I would have run away and cried. Haha. I think incline is so hard.

      • I think if I tried to do it now, I might die. ha. The thing was, back then I was in such killer shape (from doing those kind of workouts) that it was no big deal. It was definitely hard, but I’m sure if I tried to do it now I would pass out.

  2. 1. People watching may just be my favorite recreational activity :)
    2. I cannot stand the 60 minute max on treadmills. In our condo gym it lets you get to 99 minutes which I <3.
    3. My husband has the numb arm/finger problem. You can buy arm sleeves to help you with circulation during long runs. During long runs and marathons I just shake out my arms every few miles to make sure I'm not keeping them in the same way the whole time.

    • Thanks for the tip! It was weird… and hadn’t ever happened before even on long runs. I like the idea of shaking out the arms every few miles… I’ll try that. I sweat quite a bit so sleeves might get too hot for me!

      • Yeah, a lot of times we get into a fluid motion and don’t realize that our body needs to “stay awake” during those long runs. Try shaking the arms… maybe do a few fist pumps ;)

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