t minus one week

Happy Easter!!


Next weekend I have my first road race of the year, the Shamrock Shuffle. Chicago does St Patty’s Day races two weeks late. That’s how we roll. It’s an 8k through the heart of the city. I’m looking forward to it but also worried a lil bit….

Here’s why. The last time I ran outside I was running in the marathon last October. I’m a cold weather lightweight. Anything below 70 degrees and you’ll find me on a treadmill. Perhaps that’s a little dramatic. I’m working on it. The weather in Chicago this week is holding strong in the 40s. Talk about gross weather for April. Oh well, I’ll layer up and suck it up. Let’s just hope that my legs don’t give out on me when they realize I’m forcing them to run on concrete and actually have wind resistance. It usually takes me a few solid runs to get my outdoor running mojo back. This year I’m diving in head first. At least it’s only an 8k.

Today’s workout: 6 miles (on the ‘mill of course) in 50:20; an 8:23 min/mile. No finger tingling to report.


run like a cheetah

Lu comes home tomorrow! I’m trying to be a good wifey today by cleaning and having our fridge fully stocked for his return. I haven’t made any progress toward that goal yet. I still have several hours left to get my act together. Sundays are for relaxing, right? Aren’t you relaxing? You should be. And enjoying the holiday! Don’t forget to eat a cadbury creme egg (or three).

xo, lw


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