the return of a bean + april fool’s day

Finally, the day is here. The big frijol returns stateside. Hallelujah! I had a fun week while he was gone spending time with both of my parents, my little bro and his girlfriend but I am definitely ready to have some bean back in my life. Nepal is a long ways away! This place ain’t the same without that boy around. Hopefully he’s ready to come home and stay a while.

bean love

He brings a smile to my face. Can you tell? Looks like he’s up to no good in this pic. Perhaps an April Fool’s Day joke?


Anybody the victim of an April Fool’s Day joke this morning? Wouldn’t that be something. I am not a practical jokster and I don’t think I’ve ever pulled an April Fool’s Day joke. I do remember growing up my little bro’s go to prank was saran wrap over the toilet bowl so whoever sits down gets an unwelcome surprise. He basically thought the saran wrap was invisible and expected people to fall for it… I don’t think a single soul ever did because it was so ridiculously obvious. Ha. Poor guy. That’s actually a pretty nasty prank… oh, boys. They’re gross. In college, my best friend’s dad perfectly copied the University of Colorado letterhead and formatting. He sent her a fake letter from the dean (and it actually arrived on April 1st) saying she was getting kicked out of school. I don’t remember the details of the letter other than it was so professional and realistic. We freaked. It was crazy and one of the best pranks I’ve ever seen.

Have you pranked anyone for April Fool’s Day? Have you been pranked? Share the details!

So excited for today even though it’s a Monday work day for me. The day of the return of the bean. Let’s all make it a great one.

xo, lw


4 thoughts on “the return of a bean + april fool’s day

  1. Yeah, he’s coming back. So stoked for you.
    Ummm… I don’t care for pranks and I don’t like to be tricked. I enjoy being surprised and surprising others, but not tricked.
    For Christmas, my brother and I planned this elaborate surprise for my parents. He had been deployed for almost 8 mos and he was coming to my house for his break. It worked out perfectly bc Weston just arrived and everyone planned to come to my house for Christmas. It was the best secret/surprise ever! Mom’s and their boys are the best! Loved seeing them together.
    Have fun at work.

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