love/hate for the foam roller + other tidbits

Last night I spent some quality time with our foam roller. It’s no secret that I sort of hate that thing. I’ve never had IT band issues (knock on wood) and the foam roller gets the most hype for helping a nagging IT band. Since I don’t really need help in that arena, I usually shy away from it. However, foam rolling is so trendy these days… I feel like I have to do it if I want to be a real runner. My favorite muscle group to roll out? The calves. My calves have been a little tight these days and a deep foam roll feels so good yet so bad at the same time. I also like rolling those quads. Yes. What do you roll out?


Yesterday evening I did a progressive speed run totaling 4.7 miles. I realize 4.7 is a very odd distance. Why didn’t I finish that last .3 and round out 5 miles? Technical difficulty on the treadmill. It was so bizarre. The belt never stopped but the clock/distance screen froze and the buttons wouldn’t work. Does that even make sense? I had to pull the emergency stop and at that point I was over the workout. I still got my heart rate up and was satisfied with my pace. I’m trying to push myself with speed. Confession: I listened to some NSync during the run.

1.7 miles @ 8:48

2.0 miles @ 8:00

1.0 mile @ 7:53

Tell me you saw the you tube video of 90 something year old men racing a 100 meter dash? This video is the best. I’m not quite sure how to embed it in blog but CLICK HERE and watch it! Those men are rock stars.

I was browsing running blogs (it’s addicting) and came across Run Eat Repeat. She has a recent post that is near and dear to my heart… how to NOT wash your hair everyday. Turns out I’m not the only kook. ; )

Life is good. Make today good.

xo, lw


11 thoughts on “love/hate for the foam roller + other tidbits

  1. I love my foam roller and I use it for my bootilicious bum! I use it for just about everything from my toes all the way to my back. I feel good and all the cool kids are doing it :-)
    Great workout and good for you on the odd mileage. I’m kinda on the spree lately.
    I didn’t see that video but did you watch the season finale of RHBH part II. I saw it yesterday. Those people crack me up.

    • I can’t get enough of the RHBH drama. Are you watching the OC girls now? I was kind of bored with the first OC episode on Monday… but I’m sure they’ll pick up the drama soon. Oh reality TV. They crack me up too!

      • They are absolutely dramatic. Sometimes I’m half embarrassed that I actually watch the show. hehehe But it’s mindless TV about “classy” women. Umm… Holy Smokes on the OC episode. Chin implants, babies, new houses! Drama, drama, drama. Who’s your least favorite? I think Tamara is too big for her britches and needs to settle down.

  2. I looovvee rolling out my calves and my quads. I’ve never really struggled with IT band stuff either, but from time to time, my hip flexors get really tight, and I have to get in awkward positions to roll those out. But it’s always worth it!

  3. My foam roller is saving my life in running right now. I hate, hate, hate it but it is what is keeping me together for my marathon in May.

  4. I love using the foam roller. I feel like it helps so much. I use it everyday!!
    Nothing wrong with listening to NYSNC!! :) Nice speed work out!!
    I saw Monica’s post on not washing your hair everyday. I have no shame only washing mine 3x a week!

    • I should be more like you with the foam! I tell myself not washing my hair as frequently is also good for the environment… using less water, less shampoo. It’s a win every way you look at it. :) I agree, no shame girl!

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