Spices. File this post under: random.

Last night, Lu and I were indecisive about dinner. The evening ticked away… we hadn’t eaten… and I didn’t have dinner made (wife fail). We settled on Subway because Lu told me he loves their salads. My first thought was, “who gets a salad from Subway?” Well, Lu knows what’s up. Their salads are super fresh, healthy and they don’t skimp on the veggies. They throw your protein & veggies of choice into a big bowl and chop it all up with a cool circular knife thing. I got a veggie load with oil/vinegar and oregano. Eating that salad with oregano last night reminded me of how much I love using spices on everything.

Chicken, fish, pork… they all get the same spice concoction. We go heavy on the cajun seasoning. That stuff can make anything taste good. Overcook the chicken? No problemo because that cajun flavor will shine through and make your dry chicken amazing. Another favorite is Mrs Dash Table Blend with no salt. I don’t even know what’s in it. I just know it’s flavorful. We also sprinkle some cayenne on most meats. Gotta have a kick. What spices do you use regularly?


Lu’s flavoring of choice is Frank’s. I used to get just a lil bit offended that he would smother that stuff over every meal I cook. Um, does it not have enough flavor on its own? Anyway, I’m over that now and I make sure he has the Frank’s at an arm’s length at all times. He’d probably drink that stuff if we asked him to. If I’m going hot sauce, I’d rather use Cholula. Specifically chipotle Cholula.


I spent some quality time with my little sister yesterday and she licked my face. I thought that was a dog thing?  She’s sweet. I wore my compression socks to recover from the half mile sprints I did yesterday. No, I’m not being dramatic wearing Uggs in April. It really still is that cold here but it’s sunny as all get out. Looking out the window is very deceiving. That’s mean, mother nature.


photo-5Ok, time to get productive. I have a few errands to run with the big bean. Make it a good day people!

xo, lw


2 thoughts on “spices

  1. Love your style and how you roll. Compression socks w/uggs. NICE. My favorite spice is Cumin. It is absolutely delicious and I love using it in my chicken white chili. YUM! I also have to add pepper to just about everything… FRESH PEPPER!

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