it’s shamrock shuffle time

The 2013 Chicago Shamrock Shuffle. This morning was the perfect setting for a PR… A balmy 40 something degrees. Sunny. Just a slight breeze. 40,000 runners strong, which is supposedly the largest 8k in the world. The fast, flat course wove through downtown on this lovely Sunday morning.

photo-10 copyI woke up this morning and had my typical breakfast of oatmeal with peanut butter and coffee. Melted PB in oats? That’s the best way to start your day. I got bundled up for the chilly run and we walked over to the start at Grant Park. But first, a blurry selfie. No, my hub didn’t run the race (he doesn’t like running *gasp*) but he was my cheering committee. He’s one of those crossfitters. What a weirdo. ;)


The city is renovating the green space downtown and it is SUCH A PAIN. I know it will eventually be gorgeous (they’re redoing Millennium park and creating Maggie Daley Park) but walking around there is very difficult these days since areas are blocked off for construction. It took longer than expected to walk from our apartment to the start. We ended up getting to the start late and missed my group, corral D. However, I think this happened for a reason. I started in corral E and I was at the very front. There was nothing but open road when the horn went off. I had a strong start and didn’t have to maneuver weaving in and out of other runners. There was enough of that once we were a few miles in.


I had a great race! For the most part, there was plenty of space to run at my own pace and not worry about other runners until the last mile or so. Then it became a little bit obnoxious because a lot of people were walking or jogging very slowly and it was hard to get around them without slowing down significantly (is that a running-snob sort of thing to say?). Lots of peeps were dressed in St Patty’s garb and everybody was having a good time… It was a fun, quick race and a nice way to start spring.

I used my Garmin Forerunner 210 for the first time! It was a little bit of a watch fail because I forgot to stop it at the finish. Sad face. I was so excited to be done I wasn’t thinking about the watch. But I did look at it a few steps before I crossed the finish line and I’m pretty sure that I finished in under 39:00…. which means… PR!! If I ran the 8k [4.97 mi] race in 38:55 my average mile pace would have been 7:49, which blows my other race paces out of the water. Maybe I owe my pace to my new Brooks Pure Flows. I’m loving those shoes. I’ll get the official result soon (let’s hope I was right with a sub-39. I do know when I finally stopped my watch it was 39:07). I’m sure you’ll all be on the edge of your seats awaiting my results. I think they’re even going to give mile splits, which is awesome. Woop!


You know what’s not needed on an 8k race? Aid stations. Do you hydrate for a five mile run? I would if it was a scorching hot and sunny summer day. But on a treadmill or on a day like today? Not necessary [in my silly opinion]. All that would do is slow me down. No thanks.

Remember how my fingers went numb the other day on the treadmill? It happened again but way worse during the race. My entire hand went numb right around the fourth mile. I took the advice of my blogger friend OliveToRun and shook out my arms, did a few fist pumps and tried to get the blood flowin. No relief! The numbness went away about ten minutes after I stopped running. I’m not liking this bizarre running side effect. No bueno.

Anybody else doing a race this weekend? Or a long run? Now that my work is done, you’ll find me on the couch with Lu getting our relaxation on. All I need is a massage. Hope everybody is having a great weekend! Adios.

xo, lw


4 thoughts on “it’s shamrock shuffle time

  1. Wowzeers! Fast pace and yeah for the PR! Congrats. The weather does look gorgeous and I love that the hubs was there to cheer you on.
    Ummm… I’ve had that numbness in my hands before and it was due to a knot in back. Go relax and get a massage. Maybe that will help get rid of that feeling.
    I laughed when you talked about aid stations. They had one at my last race (10K/5k) I chuckled as I went by. :-)

  2. SOOOOOO happy you are on wordpress now!! <3
    Even more happy for you on your amazing race and PR! Way to rock it girl :D

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