clif bars + our spring cleanse

Clif bars. I’ve never really gotten into them. This morning I took one of Lu’s blueberry crisp Clif bars and it was so dang good. It was like a healthy candy bar. I kind of wish I hadn’t even tried it because now I already know I’m going to want more. I wish they had fewer calories. Do you guys eat Clif bars? Or other energy bars? I love Luna bars, Lara bars & Kind bars.


I woke up on this rainy April day in the mood for some cleansing. Today was the day that we clean out our closet. One of my favorite hobbies is getting rid of things that I never use/wear. I especially love getting rid of things while we’re living in this tiny apartment. We just don’t have the storage space to hold on to things we don’t need. I recruited Lu’s help and we went through every item in our closet. When it was all said and done, we had a pretty hefty pile of giveaways. Doesn’t that feel good?

The next project was our storage unit. We are those people. The people with an embarrassingly cluttered and overstuffed storage unit. Our neighbors probably judge us. Again, we tossed unnecessary items, made a goodwill pile and put everything else back in an orderly fashion. Check out the before picture. Ha.


Poor Lu had to get rid of our TV box that he has insisted we keep for 2 years. He hoards empty boxes because “we may need them one day.” He’s cute. But I played the wife card and get rid of that thing. Again, not enough space to keep cardboard.


We’re not done with our spring cleanse. This will be a multiple day process but starting it feels so good. Do you guys spring clean?

I’ll be doing yet another treadmill workout this afternoon since it’s rainy and cold outside. One thing I never do is run in the rain. Never. I often don’t even run outside if there is a chance for rain. Jogging around in wet clothes and wet sneakers? Not doing it. One time last summer I got caught in a total unexpected downpour and it was miserable. One of my fears is that it will rain or storm on a race day. I’d probably DNF. Do you run in the rain? Anyway, I’m planning a six mile run this afternoon and a workout from my blogger friend Tri Balance Girl you can find: here. I just had some egg whites scrambled with faux-sausage (a la morningstar) and spinach for my pre-workout fuel. Delicious.


Now for the most important part of this post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET MOM!! You are the best momma!!

happybirthdayxo, lw


10 thoughts on “clif bars + our spring cleanse

  1. I love Luna bars… I like the mini Clif bars, but the big ones are just too much for a snack.

    I also adore cleansing. I had to move my life into storage to be temporarily relocated for 6 months for work. And even more than a normal move I looked at every single thing and said “is this worth storing, and then moving again?” Goodwill got a lot of donations from me.

  2. Okay, love that your mom reads your blog. My mom and mother-in-law read my blog and I love when they post. So special. Happy birthday to Momma Bean!
    Thanks for the shout out and I hope you really enjoyed the workout. I LOVED it and it made me feel ripped.
    Umm.. spring cleaning. Looks like my house. We do it WAYYY too often and end up with such a generous donation pile. Good for you guys and your collection of boxes. hehe

    • Our moms are sweet! :)
      I love the throw down! Do you do it for speed? I really need to work on getting stronger and doing things like this in addition to running. Thanks for the motivation girl!

  3. I like Luna bars but I think the Clif bars are massive when you look at the details.
    We are waiting on spring cleaning since we’ll HOPEFULLY be moving into a house soon and that is when we’ll take care of all of that

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