what a small big city this is

Chicago. 2.7 million people. 234 square miles.That’s pretty big.

Yet I always run into my big bro when I’m out jogging. It’s never planned. I don’t know his running schedule. But for whatever reason we always see each other. And in different places, mind you. It cracks me up. It makes sense that on my first outdoor run of the season (aside from the shamrock shuffle) I see my big bro. This afternoon I logged 7 miles on the lake front. It was a bit too chilly for my liking but I had to jump at any opportunity to jog outside with the rainy weather we’ve been getting these days. I was about five miles in when I saw the big bro. We stopped and talked. While we were chatting we ran into some other friends. Oh Chicago.

It’s amazing what a small big city this is.


Chicago’s small feel is one of the things that I love about this city. It’s big enough to have everything you could ever need yet it’s small enough to run into familiar faces regularly. Now that’s a win-win.

There were so many people enjoying the crisp, sunny day yesterday. Of course, I was bundled like it was still winter and all of the dudes were in shorts. It was only like 50 degrees + lots of wind. Shorts weather that is not.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy Monday & Happy Tax Day to all of you US peeps out there. What do you do with your refund? Spend or save? I hope you’re not one of those *lucky* people who actually have to pay more taxes. That’s gross.


Also, Happy Boston Marathon Day! I’ll be anxious to read about the recap tonight.

Now I’m enjoying my morning oatmeal and coffee before work. Breakfast is my favorite meal.¬† Let’s all make today a good day!

xo, lw


8 thoughts on “what a small big city this is

  1. The picture you posted of Chicago made me a little sad. Some of my favorite runs were down there while visiting my best friend (she still lives there). Such a beautiful city!

    p.s. love the some ecard- that is perfect for people in the midwest especially!

  2. Don’t make fun of me, but I missed reading what you were up to lw (in my head I say it L dub) Anywho… now that my little sister is letting me use her laptop and I can get back to seeing what my fav peeps are up to. Clearly enjoying beautiful weather, awesome breakfast, long runs, and taxes. ugghhh!

  3. That’s what I love about Boston too. Big but small. I’m coming to Chicago memorial day weekend, pencil me in, lady!

    P.S. Sorry for so many comments–I’m catching up on your posts! I have a new one up too.

    • Shef your cliff hanger is killing me. You better post again soon!! I love Madeline.
      I have to work Memorial Day weekend!! UGH. But maybe we could get together for a late dinner?? We’ll be in touch.

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