Running into the wind… Both ways

Who strongly dislikes wind? Say it with me now. Running into the wind is the worst. Ok, it’s not as bad as rain. But it’s bad. I was jogging on the lake front yesterday. Side note- It was freezing but I ran anyway. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’ve just got the itch for outdoor running.

I started my run jogging into the wind. I was frustrated because it’s so dang hard but I was ok with it. I’d prefer to run into the wind on the way out and then cruise on the way back. So I’m five miles out and I turn around. What do I encounter? I stronger wind. Excuse me? Don’t. Don’t do that, wind. For the last mile outbound I was dreaming about turning around and getting some relief. What a cruel joke. How does that even work? How can the wind be blowing in opposite directions simultaneously? Oh Chicago.

For the remaining five miles I fought the urge to stop or slow down. Instead, I used my favorite visualization to keep me going. I like to visualize a rope tied around my waist that is attached to a team of horses who are pulling me. For whatever weird reason that image energizes me and makes the task at hand seem a tad bit easier. Horses are gorgeous and powerful. Do you visualize anything when you run? What helps you get through the tough moments?


Yesterday’s run was 10 miles in 01:24:31 (8:27 min/mile). Today is a work day aka a rest day. I really need to do some cross training/weight lifting/yoga. Something other than running. Maybe tomorrow. ; )

Last night we had one of my favorite side dishes, sweet potato fries. If you haven’t yet jumped on the sweet po fry bandwagon, you need to. Cut them up, drizzle olive oil, cracked black pepper, paprika & cajun seasoning. Stick them in a 425 degree oven for thirty-ish minutes. You won’t be able to stop eating them. I apologize in advance.


And here is a picture of my niece Sophie just because she is cute. Her momma sent me these yesterday. She was entertaining herself with an old toilet paper roll. What a cutie.


Happy hump day. Enjoy your day and make it a good one.

xo, lw


8 thoughts on “Running into the wind… Both ways

  1. So proud that you’re running outside. Get it girl! Head winds are terrible, but they really get your butt in gear. Mmmm.. sweet potato fries. LOVE love love!!! One of my favorites. You really cant go wrong with sweet potatoes

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