not your average monday

One of the perks of working weekends is that Monday is basically my Saturday. When folks are heading into the office on Monday morning, I’m sleeping in and doing whatever my little heart desires. Not too shabby.

On this lovely Saturday Monday I did a long run on the lake front. We actually made it into the 60s today (hallelujah) so I was forced to take advantage of this day and log 15 miles. The outbound 7.5 miles were amazing and a breeze. The return trip was freakishly hard and shook me to the core. The wind was crazy strong and it was rattling my whole body. I’m sore ALL OVER. I can’t stand the wind. It was a mental battle getting through that. Ugh.

15 miles in 02:11:20 average 8:45 min/mile pace.

A Runner’s World article about refueling after a long run popped up on my twitter feed this afternoon. Very fitting.

My post long-run snack:
Chicken breast with avocado
Gatorade G2

Then I proceeded to graze all day long. Oops.

What did you guys do today?


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