Do something. It’s better than nothing

Dear Strength Training,

It’s not me, it’s you. As hard as I try, I just don’t like you. We’ve had our time together over the years — body pump, Shred415, brief stints with a trainer — but I’ve never been able to fully and consistently commit to you. So maybe it is me and not you. Hmm.


I am always talking the talk and saying “I need to do more strength training.” The problem is, I just don’t like it. It’s hard for me to find the motivation to strength train especially when I love running so much. I’d rather hit the pavement than the gym any day.

Today I’ve been doing some soul searching. What is it that turns me off about weight training? I like being healthy and active so shouldn’t I enjoy (or at least tolerate) weight lifting? Plus, toned arms look pretty. I want some. What’s the problem? I’ve determined that my lack of weight lifting is really a three-part situation.

1) I try to be a hero. I feel like I have to work every single muscle group or else it’s a failure and a waste of time.
2) Working every muscle group is nearly impossible unless I have a lot of energy and spend all day at the gym.
3) All day at the gym is daunting. Instead, I skip weights all together.

Logical. Anybody with me?

Today, I had an epiphany. I was too sore to run after that brutal 15 miler yesterday but I still wanted to workout. It made complete sense that I pump iron… So I did. But I was too drained to even consider a total-body workout. I worked out my arms, shoulders and abs. While I was lifting, I realized that doing something is better than doing nothing. Even working out just one muscle group a day is far better than nothing.


There you have one of my new fitness goals: Exercise at least one muscle group after each run. Feeling good? Do a couple muscle groups. But do something. Something will always be better than nothing. Plus, this small change seems very manageable. It’s not like I’m trying to move mountains.


Who knows… maybe I’ll begin to love weight lifting and crave the muscle burn. Let’s not hold our breath, though. What are your fitness goals? Do you enjoy weight lifting?

On this dreary and cold Chicago night, Lu and I are having a chicken/sweet potato/apple skillet recipe courtesy of my friend OliveToRun. I’m so excited to try these tasty & healthy flavors. What’s on your dinner menu tonight? I hope everybody is having a lovely day and making it good.

xo, lw


3 thoughts on “Do something. It’s better than nothing

  1. I do love strength training. I used to be like you – all I wanted to do was run. Then about the time I turned 35 that wasn’t working out so well anymore – my body could only handle running about 3x a week. So, I added in weights and all sorts of cross-training. Now I can’t imagine life without some weights!!!
    Hopefully your new plan will work for you!!!

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