the plant with 9 lives + new running crops

Let’s not pretend that I have a green thumb. I’m known for struggling to keep even a simple house plant alive. What’s that? I need to water the plants? So that’s the secret.

Don’t get me wrong, I love plants. Fresh flowers in the home are heavenly. I just have a hard time keeping plants around these days because life is busy. I lose track of when I water things. Is that a good excuse?

Say hello to the little plant that could. The plant that I’ve been trying to kill since 2009. Ok, I’m not purposefully trying to kill it. I have just gone periods of time without watering it or rotating it in the sun…. The lil guy sits in the corner of our apartment and it’s easy to forget about him. Over the past couple of weeks I stepped up my game when I noticed the leaves were turning brown and breaking off. I’ve been telling Lu that I’ve lost the battle. I was ready to compost the thing and move on. When….

Little buds!! The little green sprouts put a smile on my face!!



There are three little sprouts poking their pretty leaves through. Spring is in the air. This plant is a serious fighter!

Now on to something very important. I need new running capris. I’ve been running in the same Lululemon yoga pants (yes, the ones designed for yoga and not running) for the past five years. Yesterday I got the urge to buy new pants and now I can’t shake it. I’m getting some today. But first… I need to do some online research to figure out what my next purchase will be.

Naturally, I turn to Lululemon. I’ve been lusting over the Run: Proceed with Speed crop… Until I read the customer reviews, that is. Within the past week several people have complained that the Lululemon pants are still see through. With all of the negative press Lulu got, I assumed that ship had sailed and they corrected the problem. But no, many customers are warning people not to buy these pants and that makes me sad. I’ll heed the warning. But I’ll also go into the store and try them on for myself.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.48.43 AM

After I go into Lulu and realize that the pants are in fact still see through, I will turn to the reliable Nike. Lu and I were talking about brands last night. We were wondering why Lululemon doesn’t sponsor any pro athletes. Maybe that’s the proof that their stuff is more cute & trendy than functional. I still love you Lululemon. Anyway, the Nike Relay pant caught my eye. Guess what a couple reviewers say? They’re see through. What gives people. Again, I’ll try them on and hope that they aren’t.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.00.28 AM

My question for you guys — what are your very favorite running tights? I need good ones! The NYC Marathon lottery registration opens today at noon. That race is on my bucket list. Anybody registering for the lottary this year?

I’ll leave you all with a picture of Uncle Lu and his niece Soph-a-loaf. They’re a feisty duo.

photo-28Have a great day everybody. Can you believe we’re approaching the end of April?! Time is flying. It’s a good day to make today a good day.

xo, lw


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