hello there.

Hello there. It’s been a few days… Or so. What’s new?

The big frijol and I have been loving this spring weather in Chicago! I’ve been jogging on the lakefront and even dragged Lu along once. Running with him is the best! Except that he puts my endurance and speed to shame. Why is running so easy for dudes? Don’t answer that… we all know why. ;-) Anyway, my hamstrings have been crazy tight ever since that 17-miler almost two weeks ago. I’ve had to amp up my stretching this past week. I’ve also been lifting weights consistently since this post so I’m sure that’s adding to the soreness. The tightness slowed my pace down pretty significantly and made me fatigue faster than normal. But it ain’t no thang… I’m feeling good now and I have a nice 8 miler planned for today. It’s 70s and sunny. Perfection.

photo-29Spring time in the city. Can you spy the bean?

I’m craving a beach vacation. Anybody want to take me to Hawaii?

This past weekend Lu and I babysat our kitten niece, Sophie. She is a hoot. Most of the day she is a wild thing running around and playing as kittens do. And then in the afternoon she’ll poop out and sleep like she’s dead to the world. When she’s sleepy she is so cuddly and sweet. I love her. When my brother came to pick her up on Sunday afternoon I was sad to see her leave us… I actually missed her. I want a kitten. Here’s a picture of sleepy Sof-a-loaf.


This weekend we also celebrated Cinco de Mayo of course. Margaritas, one of my all time favorite beverages, hit the spot. I made my delicious homemade guacamole and these BBQ enchiladas from HowSweet Blog. I love love love How Sweet It Is. She is my absolute favorite food blogger out there. If you’re not reading her blog then something is wrong with you.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope everybody is having a wonderful start to May and enjoying life these days. I’ll see you soon with a special post for my fellow nurses out there. Happy Nurse’s Week!


xo, lw



4 thoughts on “hello there.

  1. Missed you tons and absolutely love your spring time pics. Margaritas are my favorite drink too..twin! But, I’m kind of picky. I have to have a really good one that isn’t too sweet- you know what I mean?
    I know I just got back on vacay, but I would love a beach week/weekend/year too.

    • Girl! I missed YOU! I’m so glad that you’re home and getting back in the swing of things.
      I totally know what you mean about finding a good marg… Picturing us on a beach together sipping margs… that would be the life.

  2. Enjoy the run out there! And don’t forget, the lake is much cooler than the temps they predict! Build up that sweat and enjoy the beautiful day!

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