–shout out to the nurses–

Happy Nurses’ Week to all of the nurses out there. Nurses. We’re there for you in your darkest hour. We’re there to help you. To make you smile. To make you feel safe.

Do you know a nurse? You probably do. You should hug that nurse this week and thank him/her for all of the hard work. I have literally put blood, sweat and tears into this job. It’s not easy. And it’s especially not easy to do with a smile and a positive attitude, which is what the best nurses out there strive to do every day. But we do it because we genuinely care about other people, about complete strangers. Plus, we find the body and its systems fascinating… at least I know I do. Humans are the bomb.

Now enough with the serious talk. Nurses can have some nasty humor so let’s keep everything PG here. I like to joke around and say I wipe butts for a living but in all seriousness nurses do so much. I almost feel like nobody understands how much nurses do unless you are one.



Guilty. I scope out veins. I use to love starting IVs but now I’m getting spoiled with central lines…



I couldn’t even imagine having to get dressed up and dolled up for work. In going along with the casual PJ-type clothing… Yesterday I was in jeans and I picked Lu up from school. When I got home I changed into yoga pants, came out of the bedroom, and Lu said, “Are you going somewhere?” I say, “no, why?” He says, “because you put on your workout pants.” How amazing is that? I have trained him to think it is totally normal for me to wear yoga pants out all of the time. Love it. Anyway, back to nursing…



And there you have my musings on nursing. Now go hug that nurse! Or give them chocolate. We like that, too.

xo, Laura, RN


7 thoughts on “–shout out to the nurses–

  1. Mad props to nursing. Through H.S. and College, I’ve had my share of hospital stays and surgeries to really appreciate Nurses, they get that done and can make your day.

    When I got married, my dad was near the end of his time, and his nurse brought him to the wedding and was with him the entire time.

    And now with my child, she has to get extra checks at Children’s Hospital every few months, and the nurses make the experience so much better.

    Hurrah for Nurses! Keep it up!

  2. You are amaaaazing, Laura!! The things you do are remarkable and I know that you put patients and their families at ease. I freaking love all the pictures. Especially about not going to the doctor…ha!! Love you!

  3. Thank you for your dedication! Nurses are a patient’s best and most likely advocate ~
    And there is nothing more important than being able to look your patient in the eye (especially an ICU patient) and connect with them. I know you have that gift.

  4. I’m catching up on some of your posts. I bet you’re an incredible nurse! The one that starts, “sorry, honey…” made me laugh. That was so my life growing up with a doc dad–probably yours too? You should really check out my veins they are awesome. Seriously. I get complimented on them all the time by nurses during pregnancy;)

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