the flowers of chicagoland

Today is an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Chicago. It’s in the 80s. Sunny. A nice breeze. Ahhh, it’s heaven.

One of the things I love about Chicago are the flowers. The city puts serious effort into creating green space in the city and lining the streets with seasonal flowers. The effort does not go unnoticed. It makes our city beau-tiful. And it should make you want to come visit us! We have a super comfy couch to offer. Today I got my tourist on and walked around taking pictures of the lovely flowers. I hope you enjoy them.











Whoops. Some handsome man slipped into one pic from a couple nights ago when it was some 40degrees…


And here is a picture of the bean. This is the beanstalk after all.

photo-39 I love springtime in the city. It’s so lovely.  I hope you took some time to stop and smell the flowers today, too.

xo, lw


3 thoughts on “the flowers of chicagoland

  1. I love taking in all the city color! Especially that garden area by the Art Museum! I haven’t done the photo thing yet, maybe I’ll jaunt down to just relax with the ladies this weekend! Its such a nice contrast in a city of steel to see the softness of nature.

  2. So if I run the RnR half in July you’ll let me sleep on your couch? Me? A stranger? :)
    p.s. <3 the city in the spring/summer!

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