oh honey.

Honey. I found the most amazingly delicious honey today. It’s raw, organic and produced locally in Illionis.

Raw honey: Honey as it exists in the beehive. It’s unprocessed, not strained (and therefore may have wax bits) and never heated above natural hive temperature, which is around 115 degrees Fahrenheit (see: this article). It is heaven in a jar. It tastes worlds better than processed honey a la the clover honey bear (remember that as a kid?). Not only does it taste better, but raw honey is much better for you. Heating and conventional processing breaks down the powerful enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in raw honey.  Plus, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The honey bee is a pretty amazing lil creature. They’re kinda cute, too.


I have officially fallen for Y.S. Eco Bee Farms honey. For those of you in Chicago, Whole Foods on Huron sells this product and it’s local which is an added bonus. This may become my new favorite food.


It. is. so. good. I think that all of you should go out and get some or order it online here. Do you guys like honey? What are your favorite healthy foods right now? Anybody ever been to a bee farm? As much as I’m lovin this honey, I don’t think I’d ever want to go to a bee farm… swarms of bees. Yikes.

In random news, my new favorite song is Treasure by Bruno Mars. I listened to it on repeat during today’s lake front run. 5 miles, average pace 8:19 min/mile. Not sure why it says my pace is 5:04 on the Garmin pic – it’s obviously an error. I’ve never run at that pace before but if Garmin wants to tell me I did, I’ll claim it. ;)

photo-43I hope everybody is enjoying this day and making it a good one. Half way to the weekend…

xo, lw


12 thoughts on “oh honey.

  1. I love when the GPS says you went faster than you did! Its like getting a compliment on a dumpy day.

    The honey sounds wonderful! But I’m not sure what I’d use it with yet.
    Speaking of raw, I love raw sugar canes! fun to chew on as a kid!

    Enjoy the afternoon!

    • This may sound weird but I even like to just spoon it out of the jar! It’s good in oatmeal, on a banana, on some toast… endless possibilities. :)
      I’ve never had a raw sugar cane. Sounds like I’m missing out!

  2. I dont’ like honey much, but I’ve never tried raw organic. Is it really THAT different? To the point that if I don’t really like honey I would like it? No joke, Matt wants a beehive someday. He mentioned it a few weeks ago. I can’t say I’m on board.:)

    P.S. I’ll be there the 26-28 (although not really available at all the 28th). I know you said you’re working that weekend but maybe we can figure something out!

    • Shef, it still has a honey taste so if you [are strange and] don’t like the honey flavor you probably won’t like raw honey….
      Yes let’s definitely be in touch about next weekend! Are the kiddos coming? Madeline?? She need to meet her Auntie Tray. What are you in town for? Unfortunately I work Sat, Sun & Mon until 8PM but I could meet up for a late dinner/dessert/anything at 830ish any night. We’ll hopefully make it work. Monday the 27th would probably be best for me… I’ll text ya!

  3. Loooooooooooove honey! I love raw honey in the purest form. On toast, in tea, or just a spoonful just tastes so yummy. I can’t wait to give Baby W some honey, especially for allergies. I have to wait till his first birthday. My favorite thing right now is arugula. Actually, it’s kind of always my favorite thing. It’s so delicious and goes on just about everything.
    Love your Garmin. I really think I need something small and cute like that one. I have the OLD huge one that you can see from a mile away and I also just use my phone. laaaame

  4. I’m going to have to try this honey – I enjoy it stirred into greek yogurt or with peanut butter on toast. :) Thanks, LW!

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