we might have a problem.

Good morning. Coffee in my Boulder cup makes me miss Colorado. Ah, lazy mornings. Big bean on the couch next to me watching Nadal pick his wedgie before each serve in his match against Federer the Italian Open. The perfect Sunday morning.


The temperature is climbing into the eighties today, which makes me giddy to get outside. But first, let’s talk our problem… because might have a sushi problem.

Earlier last week I was up in Lincoln Park getting my nails-did at a spot that just so happens to be close to one of our most favorite sushi spots ever, Toro. In true bean fashion, once I realized that I was mere blocks from Toro and they were about to open, I couldn’t get past the idea of sushi for dinner (even though I had already planned to make a curried chicken & quinoa dish). I warned Lu I was -this close- to picking up sushi to go and his response of “do it” made me love him just a little bit more than I already did (if that’s possible). So we had a random mid-week sushi dinner that didn’t disappoint. If you ever go to Toro, our must gets every time are: sunny, kamakazi & el fuego.

Last night we went out to a place in the west loop, Sushi Dokku, with our favorite Chicago couple. One word: b-l-i-s-s. Their sushi literally melts in your mouth. The flavor combos are amazing. Their sauces? The best. I could eat this for dinner every single night. I got sad when it all ended.



Look at that cute little design they made with the sauce. I love it. I couldn’t imagine my life without raw salmon and I hope I never have to. Oh, except one day in the future when the bean family is with child. That will be a very difficult time. I may need counseling.

Anybody out there have a sushi problem? Why is it so.darn.good? It is seriously one of the finer things in life.

Happy Sunday people! I’m headed out for a jog soon and hopefully playing some tennis with Lu this afternoon if we can find an open court. Enjoy your day.

xo, lw


9 thoughts on “we might have a problem.

  1. My mouth is now watering for sushi! Thanks a lot ;( Im just about sure there is no sushi here in Elkins; at least none that I’m willing to try. Next week I’ll be heading over to one of my favs in Chicago. (Bistro Pacific) But after reading your post, I am mostly excited about a future “bean child”……….

    • Ha! First of all, when you’re back in town I’ll take you to either Toro or Dokku. You need to branch out and experience other amazing places…
      Secondly, bean child will be the best child ever.

  2. I am a huge sushi lover and when I get the craving b better watch out. We are grilling tonight but thanks to you I think we will be getting sushi this week.

  3. Did you end up finding a court? they were buuusy! I hope you used sunscreen. I love tennis!

    I hope you didn’t sweat out too much energy in the run today! At least it was cooler at the lake.

    • We didn’t get to play! We’ll probably try to go during work hours mid-week. My hub and I both have fairly flexible schedules and it’s almost impossible to get a court on the weekends (especially when it’s gorgeous out) without waiting forever. He and I actually met at a tennis class at Waveland so tennis takes us back to our roots. I love playing with him even though he destroys me. :)
      The run was good! 7 miles. I actually took it kind of slow because I’m one of those weird people that went out during the peak heat at noon. I’m also one of those weirdos who almost always wears running tights no matter how hot it is. Ha. But it actually wasn’t bad. I did wear sunscreen but still got a tad pink on the shoulders. No bueno.
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the family & enjoying these nice Chicago days!

  4. Gosh that sushi looks delicious! It’s breakfast over here and I still feel I could gobble it which shows how much of a sushi freak I am ;) Never thought about the whole raw fish/pregnancy thing but how true and sad :( though part of me thinks, what do the Japanese ladies do?! Best not to risk it though!

    • I think the same thing! Surly Japanese ladies eat raw fish… But yea, I know that the doctors over here recommend no raw fish. Boo. I think the cooked rolls are OK so at least we could satisfy a taste!

  5. YUMMMMM! Aww you’re our favorites, too! Adam and I went to Toro this weekend as we were somewhat nearby as well – and it was about to open. We couldn’t remember what all we ordered with you and Lu, but it seems our subconscious did, because we ordered the Kamikaze and the Sunny!! We also got something else that I can’t remember at the moment… Ugh…yum.

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