And all of a sudden…

You need glasses. Ok, let’s backpedal.


Earlier this week I hit up the eye doc for a routine check-up. My first routine check-up to be exact. I’ve never had vision problems and I don’t wear glasses/contacts so going to the eye doctor hasn’t been a top priority. I will admit, however, in the past year or so I have noticed a little bit of difficulty reading things in the distance, specifically patient monitors at work. I was finding myself squinting and thinking, “Is that blurry? I must be tired.” Um, losing my vision… I thought that only happens to old people. Wink wink.

I went through the gamut of vision tests, the doctor looking at my eyeball, touching it, wiggling it, poking it. Just kidding. She had to literally pry my eyelid apart to get the drops in to dilate my pupil. I fought that like a toddler being told he can’t have a candy bar in the grocery store check-out line. I don’t know why but I could not relax my eyelid for the life of me. It was embarrassing.

When it was all said and done, she told me I might benefit from a slight prescription. To be honest, I was shocked (I know, I shouldn’t have been shocked considering I had already noticed a little bit of blurring in my everyday life… but still, it was shocking!). She followed up her statement saying that if I’m not noticing a problem then I may opt not to get glasses. And if I do get glasses, she would suggest I don’t wear them all the time but just when I’m doing something that requires focusing on things in the distance (her examples: movies, driving at night). Oh, my poor peepers. Fortunately, the health of my eyes checked out stellar. My retinas are the bomb.

I browsed their glasses collection for a little bit before heading home. I figured if I can find a trendy, flattering pair of glasses why not get some? Insurance covers most of the cost. Plus, it could be fun to make a little fashion statement out of this whole thing. I tried on half a dozen pairs or so and got a great laugh. I looked so ridiculous in every single pair. I have a little head and a narrow face… most of the glasses were way too wide for me. But even the ones that were the right size looked hilarious. I had an employee snap a few pics of me in the glasses and I still get a good chuckle when I look at them. I considered sharing the pics with you guys here but I think I’ll just leave that to your imagination for now…

I need to go back with my stylist (Lu) and find the perfect pair. Will I look smarter if I wear glasses?


Anybody out there wear glasses? Any style or brand to suggest? I kind of like tortoiseshell.


Happy Friday! TGIF. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and kickoff to summer… I’ll be holding down the fort at the hospital and working all weekend. Oh the joy. Make today a good day!

xo, lw


8 thoughts on “And all of a sudden…

  1. Well, I feel your pain! I wore glasses and then contacts for years until I finally had Lasik. Sadly, I’m pretty sure that I’m fixing to have to go back to glasses (at least part time) since watching TV and looking at the computer isn’t going well. For me it’s because I am that old!!!

  2. I think you should look at my old pictures ranging from age 4-13 to get the best ideas for fashionable glasses.

  3. Haha 4-eyes. J/k :) You’ll look great when you find that pair. You should get gucci or burberry since glasses are expensive anyway – they’re probably not much more than the other brands (or I hope not, cuz Adam bought a pair of Gucci glasses) :)

  4. I have the opposite problem! i have a wide head and most glasses expand too much on me. I can find a few, but I have to rely on my wife to pick what will look good on me. I wear contacts though as its easier to exercise in and wear sunglasses. I have old glasses i keep for around the house or when I’m sick.
    I like the stuff I saw at

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    • I like Spex! I still haven’t found the right pair… I don’t think I’ll do contacts because I just wear the glass occasionally. That’s funny you have the opposite problem… one size does not fit all. :)
      Your vacation looked great! Loving the posts.

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