What up, ATX!! My college bestie, Haylie, and I were reunited for a long weekend and unleashed on Austin, TX to cause a ruckus. Before this trip, Haylie and I hadn’t seen each other since my wedding, and we were partaking in the world’s longest game of phone-tag. One of the greatest things about good friends is no matter how long you go without talking or visiting, once you’re together again it’s like nothing has even changed. I felt like I had traveled back in time to our college days in Boulder, as roommates. Except this time we weren’t renting an apartment from our Indian landlord who walked around with a bluetooth in his ear whether he was on his cell or not. This time, Rudy owned the house and a dog to go with it. I’m impressed by twenty-somethings who own their own homes. I feel like I’m about a decade away from owning a home… I digress. Back to Austin.



The weather was absolutely perfect. 90s and humid is exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. Bear in mind, it was in the 50s the morning I flew out of Chicago. I was craving summer weather. What I wasn’t thrilled about were the dozen mosquito bites I got. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Rudy and I woke up each morning and jogged along Lake Austin. It’s wise to go running early before the heat hits in full force. We may or may not have gotten in bed at 10pm each night so 7am runs weren’t that brutal. After the run we would walk over to the cutest coffee shop, Jo’s for some java and light breakfast. I loved our morning routine. One of the days we invited Birdie, Haylie’s pup, along for the run. I had no idea how difficult it is to run with a dog. Birdie was a maniac during the first couple miles tugging on the leash and attempting to chase random things. She wore herself out for the last couple miles, and we practically had to drag her toward the end. I found myself shouting words of motivation… Come on, Birdie! Almost there, Birdie! Then I realized I was talking to a canine. Jogging with a dog is hard work. Or maybe it’s just Birdie.



We hit up a local juice bar, Juiceland, a couple of times for a fresh made smoothie. They were dangerously good but they cost a pretty penny. It was worth it. I’d recommend Juiceland for anybody going to visit Austin.


photo-57Haylie wined and dined me each night. Of course, Tex-Mex was on the menu because it is a requirement to get margaritas and queso when one goes to Tejas. We also got some Mexican street corn. It was grilled corn covered in cheese and pepper… Heaven on a stick.

photo-59We went to an amaaazing sushi place, Uchiko. It was an experience. Rudy and I were having difficulty deciding what to order because we wanted just about everything on the menu. Our server had a keen eye for a pair of indecisive women. He quickly said, with our permission, he’d like select our dishes so we can sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. I had an issue with that at first. Giving up control of our meal? Things could potentially go very wrong. What if they brought out flavors we didn’t like? Not that we’re picky but everybody has a certain taste they prefer. At the same time, it sounded like a cool idea and he seemed quite confident in his ability to satisfy us so we went along with it. And we definitely made the right decision. He brought out dish after amazing dish. It was some of the best sushi ever. There wasn’t one dish that I would have changed. It was a delightful meal with even more delightful company.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a single picture. Blog fail.

One night, we had a gathering at Haylie’s house with some other CU friends and Haylie’s family. We sat outside (got bug bites), played with the dogs, drank vino, and ate what turned out to be some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten from a local place called Home Slice. Austin knows good food.



It wasn’t all running, eating, and socializing though. I did do quite a bit of shopping… more shopping than I expected. There were many cute boutiques near Haylie’s house and downtown that got the best of me. I loved my purchases, and I don’t go shopping very often. Or at least that’s what I tell myself… I warned Lu that I couldn’t stop spending money and his response was “just make sure you’re buying cool things.” Love that man. (Yes, of course I buy cool things.)

I had such a wonderful time in Austin that I’m going back in mid-July. But that time I won’t be going solo… I’m bringing along the mister for another fun weekend in Texas. Lu has never been to Austin so he’ll get to experience that great city and spend time with our friends. I can’t wait. Who has been to Texas? Anybody taking fun summer trips? Hope you guys are making this Monday a good one.

xo, lw


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  1. Love visiting different cities! Looks like you had fun! I have only been to the Dallas airport, other than that have never been to Texas. We are going to Cleveland Ohio in a couple weeks an that’s it for vacations.

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