on the bandwagon

Let’s talk about nutrition today, shall we? Everybody and their mother has an opinion about nutrition. It’s overwhelming and frankly it can be quite annoying when people push their beliefs on you, especially when there is no scientific basis.

Here is my motto that I am sharing ((not pushing)) with you. You are what you eat. Eat crap and you feel like crap. Eat naturally and you feel your best. And then there are people who eat fast food for every meal, feel amazing and live well into their nineties. That’s what we call an anomaly, folks.

I also like to tell myself if it wasn’t food 200 years ago, then it’s not food now. Put down the deep-fried twinkie. If you know me, then you know I love licorice. Were Twizzlers around in the 1800s?


A couple of years ago, I use to give Lu a hard time for jumping on the Paleo bandwagon. Eat like a caveman? Who would want to do that when we have modern agriculture? You’re telling me a caveman would have turned town a cheese danish? I don’t think so. Plus the life expectancy of a caveman was probably around 30-something, and I’m looking to live three times that. It’s not a caveman’s life for me…

Or could it be? Here is the unexpected twist in this story. Lu and I are going Paleo. Yep, the hater has turned into the hated. As much as I dislike restricting certain things in my diet, I love the concept of eating food from the earth. Nothing processed. Ok, only a little something processed. We are making an addendum to include oatmeal and quinoa because this girl can’t go without either. Perhaps I should have said we are going Paleo-ish. Any true Paleo people out there will immediately call us frauds for adding a couple of grains into the diet. Haters gonna hate.

I don’t usually set limits on my eats (Oh, except for here and here… I’m a serial offender). But why not give this a try? It can’t hurt.

For those who don’t know, the Paleo diet consists of fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, diary products, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. I hardly eat red meat so it’ll be chicken and pork for me.

You may be asking if there is a motive behind this madness. Or you likely don’t care. I’ve mentioned a couple times on this blog that I want to follow an eating plan during marathon training this year and the Paleo-ish diet is what I’ve selected. I’m not guaranteeing perfection from now until October but my plan is to stick with it as much as possible and see how I feel. I like how Paleo focuses on protein intake because that is what I am usually lacking and what my muscles need to recover. Don’t worry, I will still be able to carb load before long runs with the quinoa and oatmeal. And I’ll still take sugar fuel on long runs because running twenty miles without some pick-me-up is just downright wrong.


Anybody out there following a Paleo-ish diet? Anybody want to jump on the bandwagon with me?! There are some hardcore advocates of this thing. What are you guys up to today? I’m purchasing a new pair of Pure Flow 2s later and I’m excited to see how they compare to the original Pure Flows. Hope you all have a great Thursday. Make it a good one.

xo, lw



10 thoughts on “on the bandwagon

  1. Good luck with the Paleo! I still need to dedicate some time to finding a good diet for summer training. I keep telling myself if I eat enough Ethiopean food I’ll sub a sub 2:30… not so much
    Today, Going to Argyle Nights street market in Uptown! (weather permitting) and hopefully my replacement phone comes in.

  2. Hmmm… not Paleo, but more along the lines of Clean Eating. I looked up Paleo the other day and tried to see what it was all about. I like the idea because it seems simple. I’ll try to share with you some stuff I’m reading from my book. xoxoxo

    • I think Paleo & clean eating are very similar… In fact I’m probably doing more of the clean eating approach since I added in some whole grains. Definitely share tips from that book!! Are you still going strong with the 30 day no cheat challenge?

  3. I am currently living 80/20 Paleo, but in a couple weeks when I get back from vacation I’m doing the Whole30 again. I started paleo on jan 1st and have for the most part stayed pretty much paleo the whole time with a few treats here and there. I also have run 2 half marathons since being paleo and currently training for my very first full marathon in October! Good luck!!

    • I’ve seen the Whole30 on various blogs & it’s pretty much like Paleo, right? I’m TOTALLY impressed you started Jan 1 and have stuck with it with only a few slip-ups. I’m learning it is extremely difficult to eat out or have dinner at other people’s places and do paleo. I’ve already accepted that I’m going to have slip ups and I love your idea of doing 80/20 . Going all in is just not realistic for me. ;)
      My marathon is in October! So is TriBalanceGirl’s! We’re all training together. I love it. Good luck to you too!

  4. I haven’t researched paleo, so I have no clue, but can you have sushi with rice and Thai food?!? If not, this diet better be over by January ;)

    • First of all, this will definitely be over by January.
      Secondly, I’m obviously not a true Paleo person because I will definitely still eat sushi. Nothing gets btwn me and sushi!

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