Marathon training: Week 3 review

Before we get to my running week review, I have a couple of things to say.

1) Can you even believe that July means 2013 is officially half over?! The days are flying past me.
2) The drama continues at Wimbledon… Serena lost! That is almost more shocking than Fed’s exit… Is the world stopping?
3) Did anybody watch the season premiere of Dexter last night? LOVE that show.
4) I took a nap from 1:30 – 4:00 today. Who am I?

Now to the running review. Those of you who suggested I do morning runs on workdays will be proud of me… somewhat proud of me. I took the first step and set my alarm for 5:20 on Friday to get up and run before work. But then I blew it by snoozing until 6:30. Maybe next time I’ll actually get out of bed. Baby steps. I did run 6 miles after work that day. All’s well that ends well.

I’m still tweaking which days I do which runs to fit my life. I did log all of the miles prescribed by Mr Higdon this week plus a couple extra. While I do have a very flexible schedule, I have come to accept I cannot do every run when he suggests it, and I’m OK with that. I am definitely following the plan more closely than I did last year. Woop. Alright, here is week three:

week 3

I need some good cross-training ideas. How do you guys cross train?

Since most of my day today has been spent either running or sleeping, I figure it’s time to get productive. I’m going to make a quick run to the grocery store and then clean up around this place before the husband gets home. Hope you guys are having a great Monday… it’s a short work week!

xo, lw



7 thoughts on “Marathon training: Week 3 review

  1. Jealous of your nap! I tried to nap on Saturday and failed :(
    My friend and I were jabbing about Serena today too! crazy.

    Baby steps on the morning running! Maybe it’ll be easier when the high for the day is back in the 90s and you have an hours worth of a run to do!
    Enjoy your evening!

    • Naps are the bomb! :)
      You’re right… if we were having a heat wave like the west coast I’d be forced to run in the morning! I actually do love running in the late morning (like 9-10ish) but not waking up before work to run (at like 5:30. you guys be crazy!). I wish I had that ambition and I’m working on it… So stay tuned. ;)
      You have a good evening, too!

  2. I struggle with Morning runs too. I think the earliest i ever get out is 0830

    In terms of cross training, i used to go swimming the day after my long run and i used to use the bike in gym as Ive heard cycling is a really good form of cross training…..must renew my gym membership!

    • Those are good tips… cycling & swimming. i haven’t really done either. But I don’t belong to a gym… Our apartment has a gym with some stationary bikes but it definitely is no spinning. Thanks!

      • No worries, I used to really like doing the swimming the next morning after a long run as a recovery session, worked wonders.

        As for cycling a lot of people seem to swear by it and I did once hear if you do 30 mins once a week on a bike for six weeks, your start to see an improvement.

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