not just a nurse

Hi friends. Here is a lovely post I’d like to share with you all. It’s written by a fellow nurse about nursing and the fact that nurses are not just nurses.
Very eloquent. Love it.

I recently switched over to the night shift at work, and I’m still working on balancing my life while being up all night… and that’s one of the major reasons why I haven’t been blogging much recently. Stay tuned because I have some fun posts forthcoming.

Talk soon.

xo, lw


6 thoughts on “not just a nurse

  1. I’m so happy that you realize how very important your career is! I’m also certain you are an asset to the nursing profession ~
    With love,

  2. I hope you are managing to get some useful sleep! Working late is rouuuugh! When I did a short stint of that, I ended up running home to get my miles in, then going to bed lol

    Glad you are still alive and kicking!

    • Hi friend!! Even though I’ve been slacking on posting… you better believe I’m still reading blogs! Sounds like you’re recovering well from your injury, right?? I thought of you the other day because I have now run at 6am a couple of times… am runners are so friendly! I’m starting to get addicted to early runs… Maybe I’ll see ya one of these days.

      • Recovery is up and down! Some days I feel normal, then a couple days feeling pretty iffy!
        Great job getting up for those 6am runs! I’m usually done by 6am during the week, but maybe you’ll see me on the weekend!

  3. I’ve read a lot of similar things except about stay-at-home moms. You know, “What do you do?” “Oh, I’m just a mom.” Both variations make a great point, I think. And I’m sure you’re an amazing nurse! So, Sunday, October 13. If you guys are free we want to see you!

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