I’m a late twenty-something gal living in downtown Chicago with my husband, Lu (who is amazing). We met at a tennis clinic in Chicago five years ago but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. It’s amazing how a complete stranger can turn into your world.


I’m an ICU nurse but you won’t find much about my job here. I don’t like to mix work and play.

I love the city. I love running. I love seasons… but these days all I want is fall, chunky sweaters and some butternut squash soup. Sushi and wine make me happy. Chocolate? Yes, please.

Lu and I have some strange nicknames for each other and most of them are made up words because we’re cool. The most normal of the nicknames is bean. Lu’s a bean. I’m a bean. Hence, the Beanstalk. I blog about whatever trivial thoughts pass through my mind. I’m not particularly creative and I’m definitely no English major but I’ll do my best to write proper sentences and keep you entertained. Hope you kick up your feet and stay awhile.


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