Starting anew.

Well, well, well. I guess I can only stay away from my beloved Beanstalk for so long.  I’m sitting here on my couch, morning coffee in hand, and I have a sudden urge to post on the ol’ blog. Old habits die hard.

So here I am, posting on the ol’ blog with not much to say. Or, too much to say. There have been so many things that have happened since my last post that I vote we just start anew. I don’t have the energy [or the memory] to update you guys on everything that has happened since February. My birthday, Lu’s birthday, summer holidays, summer vacations [New Hampshire, Denver, Iowa City]. I got to see family, see old friends and make new friends. Life is good, isn’t it?

Starting anew on the blog right now feels appropriate.. a part of me will always consider September the beginning. Even though my world doesn’t change in September, it use to change in September. I always loved the first day of school. The kiddos in Chicago go back to school today. Wishing them a happy & successful year.

Alright, this dinky little post is all I have for now. I’ll be back with my random musings on a more regular basis. Off to yoga. Bye.



flatiron hike in boulder,co


cubs game, the walker bros


beautiful days in chicago.


current situation:this papaya as good as the papaya in mexico. can’t get enough.



independence day

Alright, I realize the 4th of July was so last week but bear with me because I’m going to post about it anyway. HBD, America!! I had the day off work and was able to celebrate the good times with a couple hundred of my closest friends at North Ave beach. =) The big frijol and I hit the lakefront for a few hours with my little bro and Kelly. The weather was decent enough for me to get a killer sunburn that is just now healing… this nurse made a bad decision going sans sunscreen. Seriously, what was I thinking?! I honestly never do that. And I never will again.

After the beach, we came back to casa de bean for some steaks and drinks. Matt and Kelly even brought along their sweet little Sophie kitten for the evening. She is so darn cute. It was a true American day complete with country music and fireworks over Navy Pier. Thank you to those who gave us freedom and those who continue to protect our freedom in this great country of ours. I hope y’all had a lovely 4th, too.






Until next year, fourth of July. Cheers to America! xo, lw

PS: Did you spot the American flag reflection in Lu’s sunglasses? Pretty cool, huh?

Marathon training: Week 3 review

Before we get to my running week review, I have a couple of things to say.

1) Can you even believe that July means 2013 is officially half over?! The days are flying past me.
2) The drama continues at Wimbledon… Serena lost! That is almost more shocking than Fed’s exit… Is the world stopping?
3) Did anybody watch the season premiere of Dexter last night? LOVE that show.
4) I took a nap from 1:30 – 4:00 today. Who am I?

Now to the running review. Those of you who suggested I do morning runs on workdays will be proud of me… somewhat proud of me. I took the first step and set my alarm for 5:20 on Friday to get up and run before work. But then I blew it by snoozing until 6:30. Maybe next time I’ll actually get out of bed. Baby steps. I did run 6 miles after work that day. All’s well that ends well.

I’m still tweaking which days I do which runs to fit my life. I did log all of the miles prescribed by Mr Higdon this week plus a couple extra. While I do have a very flexible schedule, I have come to accept I cannot do every run when he suggests it, and I’m OK with that. I am definitely following the plan more closely than I did last year. Woop. Alright, here is week three:

week 3

I need some good cross-training ideas. How do you guys cross train?

Since most of my day today has been spent either running or sleeping, I figure it’s time to get productive. I’m going to make a quick run to the grocery store and then clean up around this place before the husband gets home. Hope you guys are having a great Monday… it’s a short work week!

xo, lw


for the love of tennis

Wimbledon. The prestigious Wimbledon. It’s sprinkled with polo shirt-wearing, tea-drinking, pinky-finger-lifting proper folk. It’s a place where commoners and royals commingle for the love of tennis. It’s a place I want to be.

But these days, Wimbledon has turned into crazy town. Who’s watching with me?


Nadal. Tsonga. Sharapova. Azarenka. All defeated. But the biggest upset of all was definitely my boy Roger losing in the second round to basically a tennis nobody. Fed hadn’t failed to reach a major tournament quarterfinal since Roland Garros in 2003. That’s a decade of advancing to at least the quarter finals… also known as world domination. Let’s take a moment of silence for this tennis player extraordinaire, Roger Federer. The man has won 17 grand-slam titles and has been the Wimbledon champ seven times. As usual, he was a gracious loser but he did admit this was a tough loss, “Got to get over this one. Some haven’t hurt this much, that’s for sure,” Federer said earlier today. I’m truly sad he’s out. Since we can no longer cheer on the Federer express, I’ll pull for Novak Djokovic, who is a stellar athlete. Winning this title should be a cakewalk for him now.

I love tennis. Tennis was my sport growing up. Here are some throwback pictures from my high school days. We were state champs. No big deal.




I played in some tennis leagues in college. I met my husband at a tennis clinic. It’s a great sport and has had an impact in my life (dramatic much?). Who plays tennis? Who’s watching Wimbledon? What’s your favorite grand-slam to watch? Hope you guys made this Wednesday a good one!

xo, lw

sometimes i make strange decisions

Well today is Sunday, which means another long run.  This week, I had 11 miles on the agenda. I would actually consider an 11 mile run to be a medium-length run so I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed. I was looking forward to getting out and enjoying the nice, sunny Chicago weather.

Then I made a strange decision.

I decided to wear my lululemon running tights and head out shortly before noon on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year… So by strange decision I actually mean really bad decision… It was 85 and sunny and I was the idiot in black pants.

At about mile six, just after turning around, fatigue hit. My heart was fine. My lungs were fine. My muscles were fine. But I was overheated and as dried up as Amanda Byne’s career. It was brutal. I had to stop for water at least half a dozen times. Of course I got nervous that I was drinking too much water and losing too many electrolytes. I don’t bring fuel unless I’m going over 13 miles so I really had nothing to help me at this point except my will… and my momma.

My sweet momma came along for the ride and rode her bike while I ran. It was so nice having her there. I eventually stole a sip of her gatorade. Here is a picture she snapped during our return to the city. That little black speck is me. What a gorgeous day.


I finished the run, albeit slower than what I would have liked. 11 miles in 01:44:00 = 9:27 min/mile average. That pace is about thirty seconds slower than my goal marathon pace but I’m not beating myself up about it. That time does include many stops at various water fountains. I learned today that there is a long stretch on the lake front, just south of 35th street, that doesn’t have a water fountain for about a mile and a half. I found myself cursing the city of Chicago for overlooking that little area. But I survived. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
Who else did a long run today? Anybody do it in pants?

It’s time for me to get a new pair of running shoes. I love Brooks Pure Flow. What color do you guys like? Black or purple?

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.49.58 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.50.02 PM






I’ve been hydrating like crazy since I’ve been home to avoid a dehydration headache later. I hope you guys are enjoying this weekend and these lovely summer days. Make them good.

xo, lw

summer solstice

Happy Summer Solstice to you. Summer has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere. Chicago will have 15 hours and 13 minutes of sunlight today with the sunrise at 5:16am and a sunset at 8:29pm. After today we start the slow decent into darkness, as the days get shorter and shorter… But let’s not think about that now. Let’s enjoy these long summer days and warm summer nights. It’s finally going to be in the 90s in Chicagoland this weekend. Maybe I’ll roll my windows down and cruise to some Florida Georgia Line (loving that song right now. Who’s with me?). What are you doing to enjoy summer? Who wants to celebrate by getting sushi with me?


While we’re talking about the elements, has anyone heard of a supermoon? A supermoon is the closest full moon of the calendar year, which means it appears bigger and brighter to the little people on earth. A supermoon will rise in the night sky this weekend. Keep an eye out for this lunar wonder.


What have I done on this summer solstice morning? I woke up and did my training run before breakfast. I’m trying to run before breakfast as often as possible because I keep finding articles online that suggest exercising on empty improves glucose tolerance. After the run, I came home and enjoyed some of this:


Those are scrambled egg whites with a veggie sausage patty, avocado, a sprinkle of feta cheese and cholula. I also mixed up one of my greenish smoothies. Good stuff.


What’s happening in your world today? Hope you’re making this summer day a good one!

xo, lw