a very polish wedding

One of my work friends got hitched! Lu and I had the pleasure to help them celebrate last night… Polish style. But before we get to the wedding, let’s talk about my long run yesterday. It was a nice 60-something degrees on the lake front and sunny as all get out. I think the whole city emerged from their winter hibernation and found their way to the lake front. It was crowded and I loved it.

Yesterday’s Long Run: 17 miles in 02:33:20 aka exactly a 9 min/mile pace.

It. Was. Brutal. I was cruising alright until the 14/15th mile where I felt a tremendous desire to quit. I had hit the wall and was so over the run. I refueled with a few dried apricot slices I carried with me and hit up the water fountain. That pit stop got my head back in the game & I was determined to finish the last 3 miles but take it slower. I like to tell myself that those final miles when I’m so exhausted are the ones that really count. The ones that make the next long run a tad bit easier. However, I’m aware that if I push it too hard when I’m too tired I can get hurt. (Remember when I was exhausted but kept running & fell & had to go to the ER and get stitches? Yeah, I’m trying to avoid that situation again.) I finished. Hello tight calves and hamstrings. Stretching never felt so good. Fortunately, I’m not overly sore this morning. I’m going to do a leisurely 5 mile run with the bean today. I find that doing short, slower runs on the day after a long run helps my recovery for whatever reason. It’s like it stretches out my legs. Monday will be a rest day (…and a work day. And my sweet grandpa, Poppy’s birthday!)

Surprise, surprise I saw my big bro around mile 10 yesterday (in case you missed: this post). And I saw one of our neighbors rocket past me at about 6 miles. Anyone else do a long run this weekend?

Now to the WEDDING!! Anna, my old work pal, looked stunning and very happy. Congrats to her and the man! It was a lovely evening in a room filled with lots of love. Lu and I were more focused on eating way too much Polish food and drinking champagne to take great pictures so unfortunately this is all I got:




Neon lights and a bottle of Kettle One Vodka on every table. The Poles know how to get down. Has anybody ever heard someone speak Polish? Holy foreign language. It sounds crazy and also looks crazy. Exhibit A: Oto przykład język. Szalony ciężko. Thanks Google translate… in English that says “Here is an example the language. Crazy hard.” Lots of Polish being spoken last night. Not by us. Also, I got to see my old bosses. That is always fun.

On our Sunday schedule:

-5mile recovery run & weight lifting
-Visit our kitten niece Sof-a-loaf
-Just a little bit of shopping (Sir Lu needs a new suit & I need nothing but want things)
-Sushi at my most favorite place in the city

What’s on your Sunday schedule? Whatever it is, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

xo, lw