an evening italia + fro-yo + running shoes

Last night: Italian food. Yogurtland. Food coma. I think I’m still full. Only the Italians can manage to make whitefish a heavy dish. But every bite was totally worth it. We hit up Volare in Streeterville and met my pops for a wonderful, indulgent dinner. I love the Chicago restaurant scene. What a great city.

beans. a tad blurry but the best we could do.
what a clear but f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g evening in Chicagoland last night. taken on our walk to the restaurant
the pops. a great evening.

We ate entirely too much… but we had a perfect amount of wine. It was so much fun. The table next to us was a father and a daughter duo who were totally causing a scene fighting and dropping f-bombs. I couldn’t even believe it. It all culminated with the girl yelling “I can’t do this, dad!” and storming out. It was embarrassing.

I never look for/find pennies on the street. But walking over Columbus St. bridge last night, I saw a heads up penny and felt an urge to pocket it. Do I have some luck coming my way or what?

heads up. good luck. i’ll take it.

In other news, I got some new running shoes. Last year I posted this about my journey to find the perfect running shoe. I’m still looking. After that post, I continued to buy Asics Gelblur and used them through my first marathon and beyond. And then I got severe chafing on my Achille’s tendon because of the height of the back of the shoe. It was just too much. In fact, it was so bad I had to go to my dermatologist (tmi?). So I turned to the ole trusty Nike Frees and used this shoe for the past couple of months since I haven’t been doing long runs. Plus they’re pretty cute.

As previously mentioned, I cannot do long runs in Frees and it really isn’t advised. I need a more substantial but still lightweight shoe. Insert Brooks Pureflow. This is my first experience with Brooks. Given the rave reviews that Brooks gets in the running community, I’m hoping that I’ve found a winner. I bought the older style because they were on sale at Running Warehouse. $59 and free shipping is not too shabby. Am I starting to sound cheap? I feel like I’m always complaining about price on this thing….

Please, please, please lords of nature… I’m falling to my knees… please give us spring. I am so far over this winter weather. More so than in any other year of my life. I just really need warmth. Can I use the luck from my penny to request temps over 70 degrees? Thanks.  

Check out what I saw on the news this morning that made me want cry:

last year we set a record with 85 degree temp on this day. This year? 25. Boooo.

PS: Do you guys ever not want to workout just because your hair is washed and styled? That’s how I’m feeling today. But I will be running because I’m so excited to try out my new shoes. 

PPS: Yogurtland was amaze yesterday and all I want to do is go back today. I had been doing quite well with reducing sugar in my diet lately so we indulged yesterday in some much needed fro-yo. Would it be pitiful if I go again today? Hi, lucky mint creme with gummy bears. I like you. A lot. xo, lw


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